Want To Get Your First 5,000 Email Subscribers In The Next 90 Days?

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Not Real Magic. Not For All Wizards.

While we’ve used these techniques in many niche markets, from the mundane to the bizarre, this is not for everyone. 

The people who get the best results from this system are...

  • Folks who know that having an email list of subscribers is critical in having a sustainable business you can rely on.
  • Experts, course creators, coaches, e-commerce store owners and people who want to make more online sales.

If you’ve read this far, you want to get to that tipping point of 5,000 subscribers and you’re looking for a proven way to do that then this program is designed for you:

What You're Going To Learn:

Having an email list to promote to is the way to build a sustainable business that is immune from algorithm updates. 

There is a critical number of email subscribers that signals a ‘tipping point’ from which businesses succeed.

But if you’ve wondered how you could build a list big enough to live off, then we’re talking to you right now…

It Takes A Lot Less Than You Think

That number is not as high as we might have guessed. There might be 7.53 billion people on this planet, but you only need 5,000 of them to subscribe to your list.

Once you have 5k people on your mailing list, that’s enough folks who you can regularly promote offers, products and services to - and make a really good living. 

Five thousand subscribers is the perfect balance of:

  • Enough people to run promotions to, so you can make a good number of sales.
  • Not too many people to keep engaged.
  • Not so massive that it costs a fortune to manage and host.
  • Plenty to run multiple offers to and test. (Multiple streams of income)

That’s why we’ve created this program to work with just 25 people who want to get to that magic number.

The Magic Of 5k

I have never built a list before is this for me?

The program is designed for folks who need to go from as few as 0 subscribers up to 5,000 subscribers.

I already have some subscribers but I know I need to get to that critical 5k, will this help me?

If you want to get to 5,000 subscribers this is designed for you.

What additional costs will there be?

You don’t have to spend anything else. You attend the classes from the comfort of your own pyjamas over an online web class. You get complete strategies for organic, social traffic. We do also cover paid traffic methods if you would like to accelerate your growth, and the concept of our CFPA Method means you will be replenishing your ad spend.

You will need to have the means to make a landing page/opt-in page. A page builder such as LeadPages, BeaverBuilder, ClickFunnels, Convertri and that sort of thing should work. You will also need an email marketing platform, any type from something as simple as Mailchimp to Infusionsoft.

Do I get a certificate at the end?

No. We’re not interested in training people for the sake of a crappy piece of paper you put on the wall. We train people to get results for their business. IE. if you want subscribers, this is for you. If you want a certificate then it’s probably not.

Can I join this later if the time isn’t right for me just now?

The short answer is yes, but the price might not be the same. 

The BIG reason we see people struggling with email marketing is usually because they don’t have enough high quality subscribers to run campaigns to.

Think about it, if you have 5,000 keen and eager people on your email list, would you make more sales than you are at the moment?

Build An Eager List Without Huge Expense 

It’s a catch 22 because, in case you haven’t noticed, paying for ads to build your list is getting more pricey. It’s not going to be long before only the big evil corporations will be the only ones able to afford to run decent ad campaigns.

The solution is find the smallest number of subscribers that can bring in a decent, predictable level of sales.

The solution is find the smallest number of subscribers that can bring in a decent, predictable level of sales.

The solution is find the smallest number of subscribers that can bring in a decent, predictable level of sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just $995 Today

1 x Payment Of

Module 01: Your Subscriber Magnet

"This Ain't Your Momma's Free Report".

Unfortunately most people's list building is destined to fail from the start (or at least be slow and expensive), all because the bribe they offer in exchange for joining their list is crap.

The Internet is overrun with bland, rubbish reasons to join someone's list. Yours shouldn't be one of them.

Let's fix that with our framework to create a subscriber magnet that stands out and gets people to join your list (as well as 15 awesome examples).

Plus, get even more people on your list using our '8 conversion boosters' so people can't resist jumping on your list.

Module 02: Your List Building Machine

How do people join your list?

Use the 4 places we recommend to build your list as well a sour methods to simplify the tech (with recommendations of our favourite tools).

Then boost your opt-in numbers with our 13 landing page tweaks.

And don't worry about how to find the words to get people excited to download your subscriber magnet - we give you our complete structure for writing exciting, simple copy that works.

The module finishes on a huge climax when we give 6 ways to actually make money while building your list. Most people flush money down the drain to build their lists, but you won't need to risk that using these simple approaches.

Module 03: Creating A Stampede

Once you've got your incredible subscriber magnet and your machine set up, let's get a stampede of people rushing to your pages and joining your list.

We will show you our 7 low-cost and no-cost traffic methods to get people to join your list.


- How we use Facebook groups to build our lists exponentially (it's not what you think).

- How to create a 0-competition audience on Facebook Ads (for just $50).

- Viral list building methods that grow your list organically, 24/7.

We know that with 5000 people on your list, you can easily make thousands of dollars every single week with email marketing.

There's an old email marketing adage that says:

"You should earn $1 per subscriber per month from your email list".

While most marketers are struggling to make that, we're making around that amount every single week, just by doing things a little bit differently.

Imagine the financial impact on your business from being able to put any product or service in front of 5000 targeted, responsive fans...

...because that's really what we're offering here.

And, right now, you can get this entire program for just a single payment of $995. Or 3 payments of $395 if that's easier.

Click below and get instant access to everything in the next few minutes.

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BONUS: How To Tap Into Other People's Audiences With Guest Posting

Kennedy nailed down some time with Sarah Noel Block to talk about how she's been guest posting on other people's blogs to build her list.

He recorded the whole thing an with Sarah's kind permission you have access to the recording of the entire conversation so you can implement this additional, free traffic strategy too.

(Sarah also talks about how you can actually get paid to do this!)

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