This is a Done With You service. We create a strategy for your email marketing based on your business, products and audience. Then we go away and write every single email for you.

Leaving you to paste and send them (or have your VA or someone do it).

Without wanting to sound cheesy - we obviously cannot help everyone. This is not a miracle or magic pill that causes money to fly out of your computer. It’s marketing. Bloody good marketing, but marketing non the less.

When you click on the Apply for Call button you’ll be taken to a survey application form that asks you some questions to help us see how we can best help you.

At the end of that survey you’ll automatically go to a page that either says ‘yes we can help’ or ‘no we can’t’. That decision is made based on:

  • Do you have something that is selling? We need to know that people want what you are selling and you just need our email marketing psychology magic to amplify that and get more people buying it when they join your email list.

  • Is your price point right? Writing emails takes time and we want to make sure there’s enough money in your products and funnels to get you an amazing return on your investment. That doesn’t mean you need the most expensive products in the world, but you need to have a solid lifetime customer value.

  • Do you have the money to invest in our service? Let’s be honest, we don’t want to waste your time and have an ‘eggy’ moment on a call if the price is completely out of reach for you. We know people at all stages of their business and who have different financial resources. 

Our application form takes care of figuring this out with you so you know where you’re at, and if you’re successful you’ll go straight to our Calendly system to book in a call with us.

If it’s a no, we won’t leave you high and dry, we’ll take you to a video to show you the best way for you to get to that next stage for your situation.

Is Your Business a Fit To Have Your Email Marketing Campaigns Taken Care Of By Our Email Writing Agency?

How We Make YOU More Sales from Every Subscriber, Faster:

Will You Get a Call with Us?

STEP 1 :

Subscriber Attention

Working with hundreds of businesses, we realised that most don’t truly have their subscribers’ attention. Once we engineer a way to make sure everyone is hanging off your every word, you make more sales from every promotion and offer you send.

STEP 2 :

“Quick Win” aka Sales

Now we have everyone’s attention we want to dive straight in and get you some quick sales. We write a series of email sequences that work together to offer your core products/services by tapping into different psychological hot buttons that cause a flow of sales.

STEP 3 :

Automate and Systemise

You take the email sequences and hook them up so that every single new subscriber goes through this sales process, that is proven to turn them into customers, every single time.