Has the bleach finally gotten to our brains?

I don’t know if it was the air Rob’s been breathing in Edinburgh or that I was giddy with excitement packing for my week-long trip to sit by a pool on the Spanish island of Mallorca - but here’s how our Whatsapp convo went:

How You Can Win It All…

WIN: We’ll Pay For Your Email Marketing Platform For A Year (Plus $1338 of Bonus Prizes)*

Here’s the deal: Enter this contest for free before 10pm (UK-time) on 18th September we’ll announce the winner on a livestream in our Email Marketing Show Community group and by email on 21st September.

Yes, it’s 100% free to enter the contest.

The Insane Prize:

  • A full year of your email marketing platform paid for by us.*
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BUT THAT’S NOT ALL: As soon as you register there’s a quick video where we’ll tell you about the most ridiculous ‘second prize’ you’ve ever heard of (and how you can at least 10x your chances of winning).

Free Entry Closes In : 

In case we’ve not met, we’re Rob and Kennedy and we’re sick and tired of shitty, grubby, old-fashioned email marketing that makes you want to puke in your mouth.

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