“Deadlines Drive Action” Rich Schefren

If your audience is building a business online...

Promote This Urgency-Inducing 'Countdown Hero' Software For 50% Commissions Across the Whole Funnel

2 Reasons Why Promoting Countdown Hero Is Great for Your Business and Audience:

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Evergreen, personal countdown timer tool that creates automated urgency boosting sales by up to 400%...

Without the monthly bill - one-time payment for lifetime access.


Every Business Can Explode Their Evergreen

Sales With Countdown Hero

Adding Real, Perpetual Urgency To Email Campaigns Has NEVER Been Easier for Your Audience…

Charitable Giving

Course Creators

Membership Sites

SaaS Businesses

Marketing Agencies

Fitness Studios

Leisure Establishments

Affiliate Marketers

Ecommerce Stores

Business to Business

Business to Consumer

Your Audience Become Masters Of Persuasion & Give Your Every Visitor Their Own Personal Countdown...Reminding Them What Time Your Offer Is Closing In Real Time And Forcing Them To Hand Over Their Cash.

Genuine PERSONAL Sales Urgency. 

It’s Like Having Your Very Own Personal (And Persuasive!) Sales Assistant Working For You Pushing Your Every Offer Over The Line. Making You More Money. 

Powerful huh?

IF YOU CAN COPY N’ PASTE - YOU CAN USE COUNTDOWN HERO: Have your heroic countdown timers appear anywhere on any web page, site, or inside any email. And all it takes is a single copy n’ paste of one tiny snippet of code.

STICK N’ SCROLL COUNTDOWNS FOR ULTIMATE CONVERSIONS: Page banner option to display your countdown in a sticky banner across the top of your web page (just paste a simple snippet anywhere onto the page).

WE’VE NEVER EXPERIENCED A SIMPLER APP: Easy-to-use, visual web app to build, customize and update your countdowns. (Much more straightforward than other countdowns we have ever used).

ONE EVERGREEN TIMER CONVERTS & CREATES URGENCY FOR YOUR ENTIRE FUNNEL: Create multiple pages for each countdown campaign, so that you can send your visitors to alternative offers / variations, upsells, or different funnel items…that will expire all at once…And powered by one single Countdown Hero timer.

FITS PERFECTLY IN YOUR MARKETING TOOLBOX: Integrates directly with ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Convertkit, Drip, Keap, Kartra, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Ontraport. (Aka, save your Zapier angst).

CREATE PERSONAL SALES INSIDE YOUR EMAILS: Add custom, fully animated countdown timers directly into your emails. The clock is ticking down to each subscriber’s countdown date right inside those emails, causing a ton of urgency and putting cash in your pocket. 

ULTRA PERSUASIVE: Just by having a Countdown Hero timer on your sales pages and emails allow your visitors to see a special offer that expires within a few minutes/hours/days of landing on your page. Perfect for ramping up your sales, tripwire offers, and up-sells profits.

ULTRA PERSONAL: Countdown Hero’s perpetual, automated countdown timers in your emails offer a timed discount or flash sale event for every subscriber - no matter when they join your email list.

SUPER SECURE: Using Countdown Hero’s brand new technology, refreshing the page, changing devices, locations, or even clearing cookies can’t get around your countdown timers. Expired means expired. That creates real, true urgency to buy and puts sales and dollars in your pocket.

MAKES YOU MORE REPEAT SALES: Auto Redirect on Expiry. You pick where you want an expired offer page to automatically send people to—Where regular marketers leave stacks of money on the table, this is a great place to make a new offer and grab some more sales.

GETS YOUR OFFERS NOTICED: A whole bunch of stunning, eye-catching countdown styles and designs to choose from that grabs attention in your emails and on your pages.

PERFECTLY MATCHES YOUR BRAND & STYLE: Look like a total pro with customized timer colors to perfectly fit your brand and pages.

And All It Takes Is Just #4 Easy Steps

Step #1: Choose: YOUR PLACE:

Put Your Countdown Hero On ANY Page Or Website…OR Directly Inside Any Email.

Step #2: Choose: YOUR TIME:

Pick Your Start Time & End Time For Your Timed Offer. 

Step #3: Choose: YOUR LOOK:

Customize Your Styles, Colors, Fonts & More. 

Step #4: Choose: WHAT TO SELL NEXT:

Auto Redirect To ANY Page Or Site Upon Countdown Expiry.

Create A Personal Countdown Hero Timer In Less Than 

93 Seconds.

Your Customers Get A Bargain. 

You Make Juicy Commissions

We have put a ton of effort into making sure our funnel is congruent, high-converting and is going to put a TON more money in your pocket while delighting your customers...

You Share Our Funnel with Your Crowd

We’ll Convert Them. 

And PAY YOU 50% of sales of the whole funnel. 


Reason #2: The Funnel: 

Adding a Countdown Hero to an offer is the fastest and most surefire way of causing a rush of sales to an offer. That real urgency forces people off the fence into buying like crazy. It’s stupidly simple to use on both web pages and in emails and it just works!

- Lucas Garvin

The best part is I’m using this tool to create real urgency and authentic time limited offers I can feel good about for every individual subscriber entering my email marketing campaigns.

And it’s working - I’m bringing in sales for my membership, digital products and online courses…on evergreen!! Found it easy to set up a new countdown hero which is a relief as I don’t have the time to go through heaps of steps myself or stretch the budget for a tech VA or developer at the moment.

- Jodie Clarke

CEO & Founder  -  The Empowered Educator

I've just started using Countdown Hero and I love it. It's super easy to use and doesn't require me to reconfigure a million different parts of my funnel. It's a great tool to drive sales.

- Paul Mascetta 

Coaches & Consultants

Purchasing through your own affiliate link is strictly against our terms and conditions and is not permitted and will result in all outstanding commissions being forfeited and partnership terminated. Minimum payout threshold of $100 USD commission applies before payout. 

*The word “lifetime” applies to the lifetime of the product. It’s a shame that so many softwares are not supported a few months after being on sale - but just like our previous software, ResponseSuite - we will be supporting and developing this for years to come and we guarantee a minimum of 5 years - but our plan is much, much longer than that.

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Any claims made on this page are not claims of specific results we can achieve for everyone. Our software's results will be different from person to person.

Front End

Countdown Hero Lifetime


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Countdown Hero Pro


Countdown Hero Agency

You earn up to $259.00 commission per sale!

Reason #1: The Product: 

Countdown Hero is the first all-in-one urgency solution that turns the sales pages that you’ve already got into secret, ‘undercover cash machines’ with truly limited special offers, personalised and coded to each individual subscriber.

Your special offer is completely unavailable to anyone who is NOT going through a Countdown Hero campaign but can be deployed at any time, to any subscriber… at exactly the right moment. When they’re not going through the campaign, they’ll literally just see a 404 error, as if that page doesn’t exist. 

That means rushes of sales from secure, unavoidable and impenetrable urgency, all without hefty monthly fees or outdated, easy-to-break technology (like cookies).

It's a 1-time lifetime alternative to the likes of Deadline Funnels and Thrive Ultimatum which cost around $99/month or more - and also rely on out-dated cookie technology that breaks and causes tech nightmares.

Countdown Hero comes packed with a powerful ‘point and click’ feature set so that you can build this straight into your existing tools and unleash a new campaign in less than 90 seconds…

Here's a Practical Explanation:

Picture this, Mikalah joins your email list today and while you’re out at lunch one of your email automations sends an email to her about a special 4-day discount she can grab. 

She rushes to jump on it and buy before time runs out. 

Now imagine Tony joins your email list tomorrow, and you’re out at the theatre while your email system sends an automated email to Tony. It tells him that he has 4 days to claim his special discount. 

(And yes, that means Tony has his own 4-day countdown timer in his emails, on the sales pages - all tied to when the offer expires for him.  And when time’s up - the offer automatically expires.)

  • One-Time Price
  • Evergreen Flash Sale Countdown
  • Up-sell Amplifier Countdown
  • Fixed Date Timer
  • Embed onto Web Pages
  • Embed into Emails
  • 2,000 Leads per Month
  • 5 Live Countdowns
  • Scarcity Hero Bonus
  • Unlimited Leads per Month
  • Unlimited Live Countdowns
  • Custom Colour and Branding Configuration
  • Customise Expiry Text on Countdowns
  • Same Countdown on Multiple Pages
  • One-time price to upgrade
  • Integrate multiple email marketing, auto responder and CRMs. E.g. a Keap account, an Active Campaign Account and a Drip account.
  • Integrate with multiple accounts of the same email marketing, auto responder and CRM. E.g. 3x Keap accounts and 2x Active Campaign accounts.
  • Use for your own multiple brands
  • Use for clients