Send emails people love receiving

Write value-packed emails in minutes a day

Make successful offers as often as every day

Never really gaining any traction with your list

Getting a few sales here and there, but nothing consistent

Struggling to know what to write

Missing out on the chance to make offers your list WANTS to buy

Or worse yet, ghosting your list and making them feel disconnected with you

The Bottomless Email Strategy Course teaches a tried-and-true email framework that helps coaches, course creators and membership site owners create the psychological connections their list are looking for.

This framework includes trainings on how to:

The 4.5-min Email Trick That

Makes Sales Every Day

(Without Annoying Your List, Battling Writer’s Block or Spending Hours Writing Emails)

Bottomless Email Strategy Course: 

The Simple, Step-By-Step System That Turns Email Lists Into Cash-Generating Machines!

Everybody talks about how powerful a monetised email list is.

You’ve heard stories about how people make consistent sales to their email lists all the time.

If they want to generate more revenue, they shoot off a quick email to their list and make sales.

Must be nice… 

We Are That Somebody!

Hey, we’re Rob and Kennedy, your Email Marketing Heroes

The answer to turning your list into a super-engaged audience that loves buying your offers ISN’T sending spammy, salesy emails. 

(After all, you’re trying to serve them, not chase them away.)

If you rarely email them, the connection weakens. They stop seeing you as someone they consider a friend. 

So when you DO email them with an offer, they think you’re only interested in connecting with them for the sale.

On the other hand, when you begin to email your list frequently, the connection between you strengthens. 

The audience feels like they’re part of your life, and they trust you and see you as an expert.

Bottomless Email Strategy Step-By-Step Video Training

We’ve designed this course to be a fast-action, immediately implementable training.

Just watch the video training and without ANY research or groundwork, you’ll be able to straight away open up your email platform and write an email in seconds!

There’s no ‘process’ to go through that delays you from sending these emails. 

When you put this framework to use, you’ll have a never-ending supply of email content ideas that your list will LOVE reading - and you WON’T spend hours every day writing or wondering what to write about.

We’re making it even more stupid simple by including three amazing bonuses for FREE when you buy the course.

Which Would You Rather Have?

There’s nothing to lose (except maybe your writer’s block) and EVERYTHING to gain! For just a small investment of $39, you'll be  given the framework that will help you turn your email list into a  consistent cash-generator!

I don’t have a huge list. Will this still work for my business?

Yes! This framework is perfect for coaches, course creators and membership site owners of all kinds with ANY size list! One of our clients has just 76 subscribers and uses this strategy to get replies and sales every single day.

Q. What if I’m not a very good writer? What if I don’t even like writing emails?

A. Not a problem! We designed the Bottomless Email Strategy as a simple framework ANYONE can use. Plus the Email Marketer’s Game Plan and Subject Lines That Drive Sales bonuses make it even easier with fill-in-the-blank email campaigns and more. All you have to do to get the results you want - increased engagement, boosted open and click through rates, and consistent sales from your list - is follow the framework and start emailing your list daily.

Am I going to have to get a subscription to one of those complicated, expenses email platforms?

Nope. You don’t need fancy email marketing tech. This program works with free programs like MailChimp.

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PLUS You’re Covered With Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident you’re going to love the Bottomless Email Strategy Course that we’re willing to back it up with our 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

That’s right. Dive in. Put the Bottomless Email Strategy to work on your email list. 

If it’s not the easiest, most effective daily email strategy you’ve ever seen, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. It’s that simple!

Here's What's Included Today:


  • The Bottomless Email Strategy Course (Value $497.00)
  • BONUS #1: Your Email Story Vault Template (Value $57.00)
  • BONUS #2: Study On-The-Move (With the.mp3s) (Value $197.00)
  • BONUS #3: 116 Fill-In-The-Blanks Emails (Value $197.00)
  • BONUS #4: Subject Lines That Drive Sales (Value $97.00)

You Pay Just $39

(That’s less than 1/2 the cost of just one bonus sold separately!)

You’re not even a fan of your OWN inbox.

It seems like all you get is spam and the same old sales pitches all the time. You don’t want to be “that guy” to your list.

Plus, it seems like when you DO email your list, your open rates are less than impressive. Won’t emailing MORE often will only make it worse?

The last thing you need is to annoy and pester the people you want to sell your courses and memberships too.

And who has TIME to email their lists every day? You’re BUSY doing the day-to-day income generating activities it takes to run your business.

Not to mention how painful it is to constantly have to keep coming up with interesting things to email them about. What’s the magic balance of value vs. offer emails anyway?

It’s like there’s a secret email marketing strategy that you’re not in on, and you just wish somebody would finally open up and tell you what it is.

Want to know EXACTLY how we do it?

  • Annoying your list with spammy, salesy emails
  • Worrying about how to increase email frequency
  • Hiring an expensive email marketer to do it for you
  • Staring blankly at your screen waiting for inspiration to strike.
  • Spending hours and hours writing emails
  • Resorting to cookie-cutter writing prompts that don’t connect personally 
  • Having to deal with complicated tech and integrations

...You don’t even have to be a good writer!


But after years of helping our coaching, course creator, and membership owner clients sell more through email, we can tell you with 100% certainty that your audience actually WANTS you to email them more often.

And sending daily emails to them with both value AND offers is the key to it all.

The truth is, the reason people are on your list now is because they feel a connection with you. They chose to be on it because they recognise that what you offer has value. 

“Sell to your list!” they said. 

“It’ll be fun!” they said.

Bottomless Email Strategy Course

& Learn How To Email Your List As Often As Every Day With Value + Offers, WITHOUT:

So, How Does This Work?

  • Fit email into your overall marketing strategy 
  • Increase email frequency without burning out your audience
  • Add the nine types of value to your emails
  • Use story psychology so you can immediately connect with your subscribers on a personal level
  • Build a personal story vault so you never have to wonder what to email about again
  • Structure your emails to sell with two pieces of value and an offer
  • Boost open rates and test subject lines
  • Write emails in as little as four minutes a day

It’s EASY to follow and implement, and you don’t have to do any deep training or research in order to start using it NOW - like, today!

Every morning I wake up, stumble to the kitchen, and email my list while I wait for my kettle to boil … 

And my list LOVES it! 

In fact, I was on a trans Atlantic flight and missed a day once, and people on my list emailed ME to see if everything was okay!

I use the Bottomless Email Strategy with all the emails I write for myself AND our clients - three or four emails a day.

If I can write 3-4 emails a day, you can write ONE!

THAT’S the power of the Bottomless Email Strategy!


Using The Bottomless Email Strategy May Result In


A deeper relationship with your email list


Higher list engagement, opens & click throughs


Respect as the leading authority in what you do


Consistent sales


A never-ending vault of stories to email about


The ability to write more emails in less time


An increase in the LTV of your subscribers


Viral, organic list growth

Here's What's Included Today:


  • The Bottomless Email Strategy Course (Value $497.00)
  • BONUS #1: Your Email Story Vault Template (Value $57.00)
  • BONUS #2: Study On-The-Move (With the.mp3s) (Value $197.00)
  • BONUS #3: 116 Fill-In-The-Blanks Emails (Value $197.00)
  • BONUS #4: Subject Lines That Drive Sales (Value $97.00)

You Pay Just $39

(That’s less than 1/2 the cost of just one bonus sold separately!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to finish the training?

The training video is only a little over two hours long. You can watch the training and implement what you learn the same day! In a hurry? You can even watch it at 1.5x or 2x the speed and whiz through it.

Where can I find the training and bonuses?

The Bottomless Email Strategy Course is housed inside a private membership site. 

When you join, you’ll get an email with everything you need to know in order to log in and get started right away.

How long will I have access to the training?

Once you purchase access, you get access to the Bottomless Email Strategy Course for life! That means once you grab this at today’s special low price, you can go back and revisit the training and bonuses whenever you want.

And people WANT to buy from someone they trust.

If you provide value in every email, they’ll be excited to receive your offers.

Through years of boots-on-the-ground testing and trying out different strategies, the most effective model we’ve found … 

... the one that transforms dead and underutilised lists into cash-generating machines … 

is emailing every day with value AND and an offer!

It’s Decision Time...

Or You Can Invest $39 And Literally Change Your Email Game By …

Having a fast and easy framework for sending daily emails

No longer dreading sitting down to write

Standing out as an expert in your industry that people trust 

Growing a loyal tribe that loves reading your emails

Leveraging your list to consistently make sales and increase the lifetime value of your subscribers

You Could Keep Doing Things The Way You’ve Always Done Them… 

Do People Love This? YEAH They Do!

Bonus #1: Your Email Story Vault Template

Some days are more story-worthy than others, but you’ll always have something to write about in your Email Story Vault Template.

This Google sheet template makes it easy to collect and store all your stories - perfect for those days when you need a little extra creativity!

Bonus #3: 116 Fill-In-The-Blanks Emails

This is the ultimate email resource. 

The Email Marketer’s Game Plan contains 12 complete fill-in-the-blank email campaigns for opt-ins, events, flash sales, product launches,  increasing engagement, mini courses and affiliate promotions - 116 emails in all. 

Go behind the curtain into how these campaigns work with 12 in-depth video exposé masterclasses.

Value: $197.00

Bonus #4: Subject Lines That Drive Sales

What’s the most important part of any email? The subject line, of course.

Without a good subject line, your emails may never get opened.

Learn how to write attention-grabbing subject lines that get people to open their emails without resorting to boring, ineffective formulas

Value $97.00

Bonus #2: Study On-The-Move (With the.mp3s)

We’re adding the audio .mp3s of every module of this course so it’s easier for you to find the time to study and implement it while you’re busy doing other things.

Pop these on your phone and turn driving time and cleaning time into sales-getting time with these 13 modules of .mp3 audios.

Value: $197.00