Dave Dee - Crush It - How to create and deliver a signature presentation on live or virtual stages that generates a flood of new customers…guaranteed.

Give talks, make sales. I mean that sounds cool, doesn't it? But how do you give a talk on your topic that is so compelling that people flock around you asking to buy from you and work with you? Dave has refined the most practical formula for doing just this to explode your business really quickly.

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Learn from 12 Leading Experts in Email Marketing,

Online Marketing and Offer Creation As They Show

You Show You How To Grow Your Business Online.

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After the incredible success of last year’s live online event, you’re invited to join course creators, coaches, membership site owners and business owners from all around the world for INBOX 2022.

Each day you’ll be handed strategies to implement in your business so you can share your message, products and services with more people.

While previous year's tickets were on sale for as much as $500 each, you can get your ticket to attend the whole thing live, from the comfort of your own computer totally free on this page.

(And we’ll give you a chance to support the event by buying the recording of the whole thing for you to study at your own pace once you’ve registered, too)

Hosted by ROB & KENNEDY

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Named in the Top 10 of Email Marketing Influencers, and founders of the Email Marketing Heroes movement - we’re on a mission to save the world from shitty email marketing.

From people receiving it, and from businesses getting rubbish results from it.

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It won’t cost you a penny to attend the whole event. No catch. And if you want to buy our ‘All Access Pass’ to study and re-watch at your own pace you can.

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Re-energise Your Email Marketing With Cutting Edge Strategies From The World's Leading Experts

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28TH - 29TH JUNE 2022

The Live 2-Day Online Event Experience

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Who Will I LEARN From?


28TH - 29TH JUNE 2022

The World’s Best Without Leaving Home

No flight costs, hotels or overpriced meals. And it’s not just you who doesn’t have to leave home which means we’ve been able to assemble a platinum level lineup of speakers you’d never usually get to learn from without spending $thousands to work with them directly.

No Sales Pitches, Pure Actionable Content

Since we made INBOX free it’s easy to think that we must be funding this by having heavy sales pitches all the way through. We do things differently - this is 100% no pitch, pure content. Speakers might tell you how to get in their email list for free but no one is selling from our virtual stage.

The Highest Grossing Marketing You Can Do

Email marketing is the #1 way to bring sales into your business. And the best way to do that at scale, without awkward sales calls and with automation that brings in customers even when you’re not thinking about it.

Live Captioning

Whether you’re hearing impared or just want to watch some (or all) of the event with the sound off, the whole event is being Live Captioned so you can read what the speakers are saying in real time.

28TH - 29TH JUNE 2022

28TH - 29TH JUNE 2022

More Sales

Power-up every email campaign you send forever more. Whether you’re selling your existing courses, memberships and coaching or you’re looking to launch new ones, faster.

Deeper Relationships

Use psychologically stacked emails to build trust with your list so they want to buy from you - creating what we call an ‘environment of zero competition’.

Higher Converting Offers

Know exactly how to structure offers that people are falling over themselves to hunt out their credit card and buy from you.

Brand New Promotions

Use the brand new campaigns to refresh your subscribers’ interest in your products and launch new ones with more impact. So you don’t feel like you’re doing the same-old-same-old any more.

Q1.   How do I attend?

Mara Glazer - Copywriting Lessons Learned From My OUTRAGEOUS Dad

Mara has been called "The Best Female Direct Response Copywriter In The World". Not only has she distilled the 'Outrageous' marketing of her Father, Bill Glazer (Dan Kennedy's business partner for years) - but in this special presentation she's going to share how we can all be OUTRAGEOUS to grab more attention and lean-in to our own uniqueness - to stand out in an overcrowded, attention poor world.

John Holt - You… but funny - how to unleash your inner comedian and write emails your subscribers LOVE

Stand-up comedy tips and tricks you can use to make your customers laugh and smile when reading your emails. No templates, tired memes, or done-to-death gags - you'll be able to use these ideas in your next email... even if you think you're not funny!

Kylie Lang - How to Generate Leads on Autopilot with a High Converting Quiz

Quizzes were the most viral lead magnet last year and they're set to do even better this year. If you've ever struggled with getting your lead magnet noticed, getting people to actually sign up for it and then converting those leads into clients then this is the solution. I'm going to walk you through exactly why quizzes can bring in leads on autopilot and convert, all the elements you need in order to create a high converting quiz and exactly how to nail your big quiz topic so you can create a clickable headline that has your ideal client lining up to take your quiz.

Helen Perry - How Instagram + emails = income

How do you turn some of those 1 billion Instagram users into followers, fans, email subscribers and customers? You're going to learn to leverage the internet's biggest platform using Helen's unique and practical methods that she uses herself to become one of the UK's biggest marketing influencers. 

Neil Murton - Why Good Copy Doesn't Matter

Us: So, Neil what are you going to share at INBOX 2022?

Neil: I'm going to go through ways you can make your landing pages convert that don't require clever copy tricks, and explain why they're often easier and more effective than 'good' copy.

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Q3.   Will anyone be selling at me?

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Chris Davis - How to Scale Email Performance

Looking to take your successful email marketing efforts and scale them without harming your database? Sending more emails to your list can be slippery slope. Too many emails and your leads leave you. Not enough and they grow bored of you (and still leave). Learn what it takes to email a growing database of contacts at scale to maintain increased list growth and sales.

Jeremy Shapiro - Making Superfans and Super Sales from The Replies You Get

When someone hits reply to your emails, you have a unique opportunity to start a relationship with someone who already started the conversation. These replies can turn into the highest spending, most recommending customers in your whole business when you leverage them right.

Adrian Savage - Why 30-50% of your subscribers are silently killing YOUR email reputation

You can't make sales if your subscribers don't see your emails, even if you have the best possible copy and the best offer in the world. And the scary fact is, 50% or more of your new new leads may not even be seeing your emails. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have got a stranglehold on the world of email and if you don't follow their rules, your emails won't get through. Adrian will show you exactly how to follow the rules so you'll get more emails seen and make more sales.

Jaryd Krause - How To Buy An Online Business & Email List To Scale Your Business

Jaryd Krause will teach you how to find, buy and integrate a business into your primary business including email lists and other traffic sources to scale your primary business.

The Lauras - The only 3 posts you'll ever need to create to market your business on social media

In this session, the social media marketing duo are going to share the 3 core posts every business should create each week to build authority, nurture a connection with their audience and convert them to buyers. And the good news is, they work on every platform and in every format!

Rob & Kennedy - Turning Objections into Even More Sales

Those people who don't buy are you BIGGEST opportunity to make sales. But you might think you have to be a mind reader to know what's stopping them buying. We're going to hand you a really simple campaign that figures out each person's objections and overcomes them. That means you get to help more of the people who need it most, and make more sales.