Would You Like A Hypnotist and a Psychological Mind Reader to Tap Into Your Subscribers' Minds?

One of the reasons we get asked to consult for so many folks is because as well as being a proper good laugh, we have a really unusual background that has certainly given us a 'leg up' in creating such compelling sales emails.

Rob has spent 17 years travelling the world hypnotising people and I've spent 18 performing a comedic 'mind reading act' (actually using psychology and persuasion).

We've spent the majority of our lives getting into people's heads and influencing their choices.

We've had to absolutely master the art of creativity, getting and keeping attention and influencing the thoughts and actions of complete strangers.

Would you like to tap into some of that know-how?

Turn Your Email List Into A Profitable Army Of Raving, Engaged Super-Fans Who Buy, Using...



It's true: You're spending time and money building your email list and getting new subscribers but, like many fellow course creators, do you feel like you should be making WAY more sales from your actual email marketing?


  • Wish you knew more of the advanced psychology that pushes people's hot buttons and makes more sales.
  • Worried that your emails seem 'samey' and your subscribers might be starting to get blind to your sales messages.
  • Fear subscribers are falling through the cracks in your email marketing.
  • Want to better segment your list so you can offer the perfect product to every single person.
  • Struggling to keep growing the value of each subscriber, month on month, year after year.
  • Want new, interesting ways of promoting your products/services so it's not the same-old, same-old?

It's frustrating, so we decided to fix that...




The best way to do that is to show you these principles in action with real-life campaigns. That way the lessons stick and are much easier to use to your business...



The League is the leading community for people who want to maximise the sales of their courses, memberships and digital products using email marketing.

It's about making more sales from every subscriber, even if your list is tiny.

This thing is bursting with everything you need to run more successful email campaigns, send better emails, get higher open-rates, segment people, nurture your list, stop people falling through the cracks, become the stand-out person in the inbox - and with that, make the most sales from your list.

Plus the community of fellow members all sharing ideas and geeking out about all things email marketing.



Create fans out of subscribers

by sending more relevant emails that they love receiving.

Get constant feedback and inspiration

from an enthusiastic and giving community of fellow entrepreneurs who love email marketing.

Find freedom

by building businesses they can run from anywhere in the world, wherever they want to be, no matter what they might be doing.



Experience From 'Doing'

Get our combined 35 years where we rely on doing email marketing to put bread on the table.

Peer Support

Night and day, members of The League are there to answer questions, share their ideas and cheer each other on.

Learn How To Fish

We're sick and tired of people waving their fancy campaigns under our noses but not having the first clue why they work. Yes we give you the campaigns but then we teach you how to build them and why.

No Bullshit

We're not about flowery 'sounds lovely' advice or selling you the dream. There's no shortcuts, scams or tricks. This is about building long-term relationships with your subscribers.

No Scammy Campaigns

Great email marketing gets people excited by tapping into genuine emotions about things they really care about. It's not about hyping people up so they'll buy any old shit in a blind frenzy and regret it later.



Follow The 'Success Track'

This is a step-by-step path of what to do in what order for the quickest wins and so you always know what you’re doing now and next to build your email marketing machine.

Quick Wins Every Month

Take the new campaign that we give you each month, copy the whole thing, tweak it for your products and launch it. That's the fastest way to make more sales.

Skill Up

Every month's new campaign comes with a detailed breakdown of every email and the psychology behind why it works - use these lessons to level-up all of your other marketing.

Battle Plans

Fast, snappy action-packed strategic trainings designed to unstick you and improve all of your email marketing. (Sold separately for $7 - $47 each, but yours free as a member of The League.

Live Interactive Group Coaching

Get unstuck with two live online sessions every month. Bring your campaigns, your emails and your questions and we'll give you personal feedback on applying everything we know to your business.



Library Of All of Our Email Campaigns

From welcome sequences that set subscribers up to become customers, to a whole host of awesome sales sequences which push different psychological hot buttons to drive more sales. You have every email ready for you to quickly copy-and-paste as well as Campaign Workshops that unpack how and why these campaigns work so you can apply these techniques to all of your email marketing.

Live Group Coaching Calls - 'The Hotline'

A direct line to Rob & Kennedy (and the team). TWICE per month we get online and hang out face-to-face. Bring your emails, bring your campaigns, bring your strategies and your questions and we'll work on how it all applies to your business.

The #1 Community Of Email Marketing Heroes

League members hang out in 'The Den' (our members only Facebook Group) day and night, sharing, getting feedback, asking questions and geeking out about doing kick-ass email marketing for their businesses.

Access All Areas To Our Strategic Video Training Vault.

You'll see these strategic video training programs on-sale anywhere from $7-$97 online. While mere mortals go and snap each one up, members of The League have access to these first and free in your membership.

How Will The League Transform

Your Email Marketing and Your Business?

Don't Take Our Word For It -

Here's What Our Members Have To Say...

"Bring my A-Game to the World of Email Marketing."

You should work with Rob & Kennedy. They know their stuff, they know what does work and what to avoid. It's a no brainer when you have struggled to try and do it yourself for so long and keep falling flat. Their insight into the world of email marketing is second to none.

I feel very happy to be a part of The League and to know that there is help at hand to help figure out what I should be doing with my emails. Don't regret joining at all.

Overall it teaches me to bring my A game to the world of email marketing."

- Nic Mucedola

"The Only Resource I Need"

"I would encourage anybody interested in improving their email marketing strategy and supporting it with practical action plans to work with Rob and Kennedy.

Their experience and expertise shines through and they provide "real world" practical and actionable ideas. Being part of The League helps me feel "looked after" in this important aspect of my business.

I know I can turn to resources provided within The League to educate myself on the whats and hows of email marketing. In a typical month, I dip into the content in The League between 5 and 10 times and I feel that it offers me good value for money. It is the only resource I need for email marketing support and guidance."

- Peter Berrie

"Thinking of joining The League? Just do it."

"Thinking of joining The League? Just do it. They make email marketing fun & enjoyable.

Rob & Kennedy help me get organized in my email marketing, to put a plan in place so I actually have a clue about what I'm trying to do with my email marketing.

I love that if I'm confused, and not sure what the heck to email my audience, I can send a message and the boys will come in a save the day! They truly are heroes!""

- Jonathan Stewart

"Rob & Kennedy Are So Incredibly Generous

With Their Knowledge And Expertise."

"Just go ahead and sign up. Rob & Kennedy are so incredibly generous with their knowledge and expertise. Not only is everything pre-tried and thoroughly tested, but they also really take the time to help you understand how to apply it in a way that works for your business.

People who receive my emails have (apparently) been recommending that other people sign up for them, because of the value they're getting from them. I know what to write now.

And I have an overall plan for how email marketing can be working for me"

- Sheila Bennett

At just $99/month (for the first 500 members, then we're boosting the price to $199/month), membership is a tiny fraction of the cost of the years that it could take you to figure this stuff out alone and certainly nothing compared to hiring a fancy email consultant to do it for you.

Even though that's like $3.30 per day and you can't even get a cup of tea for $3.30 these days, if for any reason you didn't like being a member, you can cancel your membership at any time.

We are building the world's most incredible community of email marketers in all kinds of niches, and we only want people with us who love it.

That's why there is no minimum membership period or anything like that. Join and stay for as long as you like.

Get Instant Access

To The League

Right now, you can join as a founding member for just $199 $99 per month, strictly for the first 500 members (and you keep that price for as long as you're a member too).

The League Is Genuinely

Not For Everyone

Your email marketing is in dastardly danger.

Most people are worrying about their dropping subscribers, their unsubscribers and the general 'disengagement' from everyone on their list. And some people are carrying on just slapping their subscribers in the face with the same messages anyway.

They can keep doing that, watching their lists (and their income) ultimately die. Or they can do something different. The thing is, like anything, every day that you keep doing the same thing, you'll obviously keep getting the same results.

If your results aren't making you happy and you know you could be doing a much better job of your email marketing, you know that you need to change that now.

There's no point in wasting another day while your list disengage and your product launches disappoint you.

The sooner you fix this up, the sooner you'll stop wasting your time and money, and start seeing the results that you want from your email marketing.

PS. If you want to maximise sales from your email marketing, you need a fresh, new campaign to send to your subscribers each month. As a member of The League, you have a brand new, proven campaign to use every month so you can stop worrying about how to promote to your list.

P.P.S. We cannot emphasise enough that The League is for entrepreneurs who have a program, course, membership or coaching - and an email list and want to make more sales from those things. There are countless other courses that go into detail on list building, creating products and offers -  this is not it. The League is about converting subscribers into higher value customers.

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Excite their subscribers and eliminate 'email blandness' 

with brand-new campaigns you can copy and send to your subscribers to make more sales immediately.

Build a deep understanding of advanced psychology

through the 'autopsies' of each campaign (and dramatically improve the impact of every email you  send).

Finally understand how to segment your list

in a way that leads directly to more sales and doesn't give you brain-freeze.


  • Course creators, information product businesses, membership site owners, coaches, consultants and affiliate marketers...
  • Who want to build a sustainable, growing business and leverage better relationships with their subscribers to make more sales...
  • While owning and having complete control over how they can reach their customers, rather than being at the mercy of social media algorithm changes.


  • People looking for list-building or how to create their first online program. There are MANY courses that teach that stuff, and while we touch on it, our focus is on how you make the most sales from the list you have whether it's 100 or 100,000 subscribers. 
  • Anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • People who sell rubbish products or services. Marketing a turd is just showing more people a turd.
  • Spammers. This is about real, relationship marketing, not blasting people with messages until they buy.

Real World Campaigns

Everything we share in The League is based on real campaigns we run in our businesses, not just pretty-sounding concepts. 

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Our 'Stay As Long As You Want' Guarantee

No minimum membership term, love The League or you can cancel at any time.

To protect you, our members of The League we don’t offer refunds on membership (we had a problem with less scrupulous people joining, downloading everything and then asking for a refund so we want to protect your investment as a member).

Not only can you cancel at any time but your membership will continue until your paid period is completed - unlike other memberships we’ve seen who cut you off straight away even though you’d paid for it).




  • Waking up, shaking up and reinvigorating your email list, so they're paying attention
  • Eliminating the 'dud' subscribers who have switched off and are ignoring you
  • Re-inventing your 'email newsletter' to create content that your subscribers are addicted to and they'll actually complain when you don't email them
  • Monetising your list to give every subscriber the chance to buy the offers that are perfect for them







  • An automated process that will make sure every new subscriber knows, likes and trusts you and is actually ready to buy
  • Your 'Email Engine' with sales campaigns and sequences that get stone-cold subscribers buying
  • Consistent sales, instead of those worrying 'peaks' and troughs' that you get from having to do a launch
  • 'Live' email campaigns, to maximise sales from new and existing offers, with exciting new ways to sell your stuff. Think of this like sprinkling the icing on your email cake
  • Automated processes to segment out your hottest subscribers who are most likely to buy, and actually close the sale
  • Subscribers regularly reaching out to you asking about how they can work with you or buy your products.





  • The comforting feeling that you're never chasing the next sale
  • Authority and credibility of being a leader in your niche
  • Predictability and consistency in your sales and profits
  • Confidence to cashflow your list/audience growth without worrying about losing your shirt

"Driving predictable sales with my email marketing."

"Thank you Rob & Kennedy for running such a fabulous, rewarding, and supportive membership.

I waited far too long to join the League of Email Marketing Heroes. It has transformed the way I write and send emails and finally has me driving predictable sales with my email marketing.  

Like, I am actually excited for when I send out my emails right through my own launch.

I really should have joined sooner. Not just saying that. It would have saved me six months of blundering and made me way more money than it cost. It’s truly invaluable to now have such rock-solid guidance on what goes *in* the emails, and why."

- Kay Peacey

"Mind blown at how simple Rob and Kennedy make the madness that email marketing was for me.”

“I honestly didn’t realise how much i was wasting my convertkit plan until i joined the League. Mind blown at how simple Rob and Kennedy make the madness that email marketing was for me.”

- Abiola Lawal

Monthly Recurring Subscription.

Cancel anytime.

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