A lot of fun engagement which creates a community bond with the parents of the kids who train at my martial arts school. Boom, increased retention. 

And scheduling posts for the month at the beginning of the month means it’s a once a month job that gives results all month!

Andy Muser

Melbourn, Australia

...and then passed $1million with fewer than 4,000 people within 3 years

How We Used a 'Traffic Loop' to Make our First $150,000 with a Free Micro Facebook Group of Less Than 1000 People...

With BIG Facebook Groups dying at a rapid rate...

MICRO GROUPS are growing faster than ever!

Read on to discover how to leverage Facebook’s massive audience of 2.9 billion users to find your audience, grow your list, and fill your paid program

WITHOUT spending a dime on advertising! 

What is a Group Loop?

A Group Loop is a counterintuitive approach to building your email list with red-hot subscribers to sell your low-ticket (or high-ticket) program. 

We build a ‘micro community’ around your email list, inside a Facebook Group so it becomes less of a 1-way broadcast but instead an infinite loop that expands on itself. Meaning both the group and your email list grow exponentially.

Unlike BIG Facebook groups - micro groups are intimate, free of spam and attract the highest quality customers (in a way that means you don't have to spend much time on Facebook at all).

And all the while, you signal the Facebook algorithm to bring you new members into your loop, with targeted content you create once and works for you day and night. 

A Group Loop is a SHORTCUT

Before we started using a Group Loop to grow our email list and sell our first paid program, we were spending way too much time creating content on social media, and using every list-building method possible to grow our list and sell our program. 


We then turned to paid media and in 2021 we lost $80,000 on Facebook ads. Ask around and you’ll find out most businesses are having a hard time buying traffic. And things are getting worse, with Facebook ad costs increasing by an average 89% since last year. 


So we decided to find a better way. 


After spending thousands of hours testing this new Group Loop model, we were able to add over 2,000 subscribers to our list and generate our first 6-figures for our business. 


The Group Loop model allows you to acquire customers free of charge by building a small community inside of Facebook that then feeds your email list and vice versa…


…While at the same time attracting even more of your ideal prospective buyers into your world without spending a dime on ads.

…While at the same time attracting even more of your ideal prospective buyers into your world without spending a dime on ads.

The simpler, faster way to convert strangers into customers


But content takes time. And it’s a bit disheartening to spend hours in a dark room creating and editing videos that get low engagement. There’s got to be an easier way to leverage the content you already have and reach more people. 


But paying for ads feels risky. You’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars on something that may or may not work. Some media buyers take months to optimize ads. And if you’re not ready to hire a pro, you’re staring at a STEEP learning curve you’d rather not embark on. 

Trust us, in 2021, we lost $80,000 on Facebook ads. 


But webinars feel so ‘salesy’. The hard pitch at the end really puts some people off. Plus, you’ve heard rumors that webinars aren’t working like they used to. Perhaps because people are sick and tired of being sold to. 

What if you could leverage Facebook’s massive audience of 2.9 billion people to grow your email list

WITHOUT spending a dime on ads? 

Crazy idea, I know…  But here are the facts…  

The Big Facebook Are Dying But The Audience Is Still Hungry...

  • The average person spends two and a half hours daily on social media in 2022!
  • Half of our time on our phones in 2022 is reserved for social media!
  • Facebook is the most popular, costing people an average of 58 minutes each day!
  • 2.9 billion people (and counting) use Facebook every month!
  • What if you could be seen by just 0.000003% of this audience? — That’s 8,700 new subscribers added to your email!  

There’s a goldmine of prospective buyers waiting to hear from you…

If you can leverage Facebook’s audience to build your email list, you would never have to worry about finding leads ever again! 

Afterall—the Facebook algorithm isn’t static. 


Facebook has a whole team of people working to improve the algorithms that connect Facebook users with the most valuable content for them.

Which means… 


You just need to focus on what you do best — sharing your expertise...  


… and Facebook’s algorithm does the heavy lifting of marketing your content to its massive audience day and night—24/7—until it finds your most ideal prospective buyers!

Signal the Facebook algorithm to and it builds your list for FREE! 

(How cool is that!! )

We discovered the Group Loop System out of necessity. 


You see, launching our first paid program was a nightmare! 


After getting hit with an unexpected $31,000.00 tax bill, we had no money left to spend on ads and were at serious risk of losing our entire business. 


And with our backs against the wall, we needed to trigger Facebook’s algorithm to do all the hard work for us! 


I started a small Facebook group to test everything… 


  • I started paying attention to the data… (Which was hella hard cos data is not my thing. I’m usually a creative.)
  • I tested different content strategies… (yay for being a creative!)
  • I tracked everything on a nerdy spreadsheet - (More data!! Gah. But I had no choice.)


This was the only way to uncover what works.

Exactly how we made our first $150,000 from a tiny group of less than 1,000 members — with ZERO ad spend and ZERO stress! 

None of what I discovered is based on theory. 

I spent endless hours testing everything inside my new group. 

You might even say I became a bit of a mad scientist the way I was testing my wild theories and religiously documenting my results.

The results were amazing!!


  • Facebook started recommending my group to more people to join!
  • People loved my content and shared my posts! 
  • New group members became new email subscribers! 
  • And new email subscribers joined our group!
  • And they were buying our programs faster than ever!


It was a snowball effect… 


And I realized this was the Group Loop in action! 


And I’m going to share everything with you! 


Today, we are on track towards a million dollars in revenue with a group of 3,400 members… which is a really tiny group compared to other Facebook groups.

Like I said… 

You don’t need a big group. Those big groups rely on big numbers because people are constantly opting out. They desperately try to squeeze pennies out of each and every member. In other words,

they are always selling!

And here’s the coolest part…

You don’t have to sell high-ticket programs to make this work! 

Over $90,000 of our first six figures came from LOW-TICKET products in the $30 to $300 range! 


Only 10% of the products we sell in our group are the high-ticket $8,500 coaching programs. 


So you don’t need a high-ticket program. And if you already have one, great! This will work for you too. 


That’s the power of a highly-engaged Facebook group that turns into a close-knit community and joins your email list. 

Your group members become email subscribers… and your email subscribers become group members… creating an ‘infinite loop’ where both your Facebook group and email list grow exponentially! 

You see, the problem with most list building methods is that it feels like a one-way communication. 


This takes a lot of time, effort and ends up with a lackluster level of engagement from group members and email subscribers. 


By engaging with your audience inside of a community, you build stronger relationships faster! 


A Facebook community provides your tribe with a safer environment for them to interact and ask questions. That way, you can build genuine trust. 


Once you gain trust, people become much more receptive to your emails. 


As a result, our email list is profitable and holds the best open rates, click through rates, and conversions….  


We have an email list full of our biggest fans! 


In fact, we always get TONS of replies to our emails… 

Group Loops is our playbook for building a highly engaged email list using a free Facebook Group.  


We teach you the whole system of starting, setting up, and growing a free Facebook group to attract and convert your most ideal prospective buyers. Plus—how to harness the unstoppable business growth momentum of members becoming subscribers and subscribers becoming members in a Loop.  


And those are just a few highlights. 


The Group Loops course includes 6 action-packed modules that SHOW you exactly how our secret playbook works. Follow along, step by step, as we show you how to build your email list for free so you have prospects to offer your products/services to.


This is not a little PDF on Facebook group growth hacks. You can find that anywhere.


We wanted to go deeper and let you see actual screenshots of our own group as we show you how to build your own. Imagine how much you will learn by watching me reveal what I learned from all the testing I’ve done. 


The ultimate goal is for you to build a community around your email list, inside a Facebook Group so it becomes less of a 1-way broadcast but instead an infinite loop that expands on itself. Meaning both the group and your email list grow exponentially.

Made for all learning types

Study at your own pace. Everyone learns differently. The course is designed to either study the whole thing and then implement. Or you can study a section, implement, study some more, and build at each step. Either way, we’re basically taking you by the hand all the way through building this system.

Made for digital nomads & coffee shop business owners

The whole course is online so there is never a chance of you losing the files and not being able to access them. They’re all in a secure online portal you can access easily. Pause to take action, rewind to clarify something. Watch back as many times as you want for a refresh of your knowledge.

Made for busy entrepreneurs

It’s only 6 modules. We’ve cut out what a lot of courses bulk their programs out with. Things like ‘ideal customer avatar research’ and other filler bullshit. We know this turns us off immediately, in this program we get straight into the meat. Meaning you will get this done really quickly. We’ve removed all of the ‘hard stuff’ that stops people getting results.

How do you build a Facebook group of members that make the most responsive email subscribers?

Like I promised… 

I’m holding nothing back. 


I’ve been running my Facebook group for 5 years. During that time, I've tested every group-building tactic there is and dialed-in all the ways to transfer members to my email list. Which means, I’ve measured the engagement of every single post and know what works and what doesn’t.  


That's more than 5 years of trial-and-error to figure out what really matters and what doesn't. 


This is learning the hard way. 


You’re welcome to try it, but I don't advise it.


A better option is to learn from someone who’s done it before you.

Module 1 

Module 2 

Grow Your Group

Leverage the Facebook algorithm

What You’ll Learn

  • How to grow a community of people who are ideal, dream customers in just a few hours a week — for free! 
  • How to sell without being salesy by leveraging one of the most powerful forces in human psychology today
  • How to convert the biggest skeptics into your biggest fans while encouraging engagement inside your group

Grow Your Email List

Move your ‘groupies’ to your email list

What You’ll Learn

  • How to build trust organically and ‘presell’ people before they join your Facebook group
  • The tried-and-true list-building secrets we’ve discovered after running hundreds of tests inside of our Facebook group
  • How to automate the list-building process so you get new email subscribers while you sleep 
  • How to activate the Group Loop momentum that builds brand awareness faster than anything else we’ve seen

Measuring Engagement for Growth

Focus on what works

What You’ll Learn

  • How to maximize engagement and deliver the most powerful messaging to your audience
  • How to find content that works best for your unique audience
  • How to measure your results and focus on what matters most

Module 4 

Direct Sales From Your Group

Make it rain in Facebook

What You’ll Learn

  • How to drive traffic directly to your paid program using ‘placements’ that trigger an automatic response from group members
  • The most important 5-minute video you can create in your group and how to create it: works 24/7 to create trust and drive sales
  • How to sprinkle soft offers in different areas of your group to convert even more leads into paying customers

Also Included

Group Layout Templates

Use these templates to give your group an instant professional makeover that helps it stand out from the competition and positions your brand as an authority. 

Post Engagement Tracking & Analysis Spreadsheet

Use this tracking & analysis spreadsheet to uncover the hidden insights and engagement-boosting content that works for your unique audience. 

THE GROUP LOOP LIST-BUILDING SYSTEM is the simplest, fastest way to convert strangers into subscribers and subscribers into customers

With everything you’re getting today, you have everything you need to grow your audience, grow your email list, and grow your business. 

But, this is just the beginning of what you get with GROUP LOOPS. 

Because, when you enroll in GROUP LOOPS today, you also get these unique bonuses:


Bootleg Live Recording: Auto Email Conversion Engine

Once your email list is growing, you’ll need a proven system to convert new subscribers into paying customers — i.e. cash in your pocket!  

In this exclusive, hour-long presentation we gave to an elite group of 7- and 8-figure marketers in Las Vegas, (who were absolutely floored by how simple and powerful this is), we reveal how we increased our email sales by 1,1876% — completely on autopilot! 

Value: $997


Phone Psychic: How to Get Inside The Minds Of Your Ideal Customers to Create Persuasive Content 

Now more than ever, you need content that grabs attention. And to create this type of content, you need to really understand what your customer is thinking. 

This is a no-guesswork method the world’s most successful copywriters use to figure out the exact words to say that attract your perfect customers - so your posts, emails and content don’t droop with blandness.

Value: $297


The ‘Curious Cat’ Lead Magnet Delivery and Automated Up-sell Method

Ready to boost your sales without actually selling? 

As hundreds of people start joining your email list… you’re going to need a way to convert those new subscribers into buyers. Well, there’s a special thing we do when someone joins our email list that causes new subscribers to start buying our programs. And they buy things without us doing any promotions at all. 

It’s the ultimate reverse psychology sales mechanism.

Value: $1,200.00


Our Top 100 Group Posts Swipe File

Take the guesswork out of creating content in your Facebook group with this swipe file of winning posts from our own group. Tweak them slightly, post, and watch your audience like, comment, and click through to buy your offer. 

Value: $497

Here’s what our customers are saying about The Group Loop List-Building System

You’ve likely been burned before by an online program. Maybe it was a course that didn’t deliver on its promise, or a masterclass that turned out to be a thinly-veiled sales pitch. 

And while we can tell you that Group Loops is the fastest and easiest way to build a highly-engaged email list, there’s nothing that replaces hearing from actual buyers. 

My Facebook Group for authors wasn't very responsive, but within a week of taking this course, people were engaged, asking questions, and even helping each other out. It started off as a Group to support my clients, but now I'm starting to sell more workshops and services to them!

Roland Denzel

California, USA

This course is so helpful and doesn’t take that much of your time. I spent an afternoon going through each module and then applying the lessons. Everything shared in the course makes so much sense and definitely helped with giving visibility and building engagement.

Terra Kelly

North Carolina, USA

We love Facebook groups because they changed the way we do business, for good.

Hey, Rob and Kennedy here! 

We were fed up with the usual list-building tactics and were ready to throw in the towel before we discovered how to use Facebook groups to grow an engaged email list of prospective buyers — without spending a penny on ads. 

This discovery saved our business! And today, we’re passionate about giving you the exact step-by-step blueprint to grow your email list and build a thriving online business. 

The Group Loop List-Building System 

The simpler, faster way to convert strangers into subscribers and subscribers into customers

“6-Part Group Loop List-Building System” Training

The Group Layout Templates

Post Engagement Tracking & Analysis Spreadsheet

BONUS #1: Bootleg Live Recording: Auto Email Conversion Engine (value: $997)

BONUS #2: Phone Psychic (value $297)

BONUS #3: The “Curious Cat” Lead Magnet Delivery and Automated Up-sell Method (value: $1200)

BONUS #4: Our Top 100 Group Posts Swipe File (value: $497)


Today’s price: just $297

Frequently Asked Questions

There are tons of list-building methods out there. What makes the Group Loop System different?

Who is this for?

What is the ‘Group Loop’?

How is this different from all the other stuff out there?

The Group Loop System Gives You Everything You Need to Build a Profitable Email List

Set up your group for success from the get-go to create a fun and lively group and avoid the dreaded ‘elephant graveyard’ most Facebook groups end up becoming.

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Unleash the mighty power of the Facebook algorithm to find and attract your perfect potential customers to your group without paying a penny on ads. 

Build an email list of ‘groupies’ and loyal fans who love your group content and are more receptive to your emails and buy your stuff. 

Module 3 


Generate sales directly from your Facebook group without sounding ‘salesy’ or resorting to push marketing tactics.

Create more freedom in your life by posting only a few pieces of content per week that drive insane engagement and are the talk of the town. 

Feel empowered by your community to continue creating products that sell like hotcakes because you know exactly what your people want.






Do you offer more in depth help?

I want this...but what exactly am I getting?

Is there a guarantee?

“Where do I even start?” 

Set up your Facebook group for rapid growth — Do this right and the algorithm will promote your group to the coolest people in town. 

“How do I get group members to join my list?”

Activate Facebook’s internal list-building magnets — Attract people to your list on DAY 1 when you take advantage of these hidden features that turn brand new members into subscribers. 

“How do I grow my group?”

Leverage the Facebook algorithm to do all the marketing for you — All you do is spend a few minutes a day hanging out with your tribe. 

“How do I make money from my group?”  

Find the hungry buyers Facebook serves on a silver platter — and put these people in your group. Not everyone needs to join your list to buy. 

“How do I know this will work for my business?” 

Flip your ‘store sign’ to OPEN. In 2015, Facebook became a major player in the search engine game. We’ll show you how to show up first when your target audience searches for help.

“How do I create content for my group?” 

Hit ‘post’ without breaking a sweat — I’ll hand you a shit ton of engaging group posts so you don’t have to create any from scratch. 

Module 6 

A Shit Ton of Engaging Group Posts

Done for you Facebook group posts

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create 12 types of visual posts
  • How to create 24 types of content posts
  • How to create 7 types of trust and authority posts
  • How to create 10 types of conversion posts

Module 5 

The Successful Group Set Up

Create the coolest group on Facebook

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set up your group so people find it… and Facebook suggests it to more people
  • The counterintuitive way to post in your group for maximum engagement
  • How to keep the weirdos and spammers OUT of your group and ensure the integrity of your community 

We teach you the whole system of starting, setting up, and growing a free Facebook group to attract and convert your most ideal prospective buyers. Plus—how to harness the unstoppable business growth momentum of members becoming subscribers and subscribers becoming members in a Loop.  


If you’re not satisfied with Group Loops for any reason, you’re covered by our no-questions-asked 30-day 100% money back guarantee.